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Since the launch of the book we have been overwhelmed by all the letters, emails and Amazon reviews. Although Jack can't read very well, as a family we have read all reviews to him. Thereby demonstrating that he is forever involved in his project of Flying High In The Sunlit Silence.

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Fundraising is flying high, with autistic youngster using art to communicate.


Using art as an emotional outlet during lockdown, one young boy from Sunderland has turned his passion for art and aviation into a successful book; all whilst raising money for Armed Forces charities...

Kerrie Highcock

Family Development Officer @ North East autism society

Jacks book is a delight! It is wonderful to see how using art has supported Jack to manage through a period of great anxiety. His illustrations are beautifully detailed showing real skill and precision. This book is sure to brighten up the day of anyone who reads it.


Well done Jack

Sherin Aminossehe

Artist and Architect

Social media can be a wonderful thing and it was because of Twitter that I came across Jack Berry’s wonderful art. “Flying High in the Sunlight Silence” is a special collection of art from a talented young man. His drawings are colourful, vibrant, beautifully observed and show the passion of the artist. My own personal favourite, the sensitive and translucent Dakota on the cover is the embodiment of the title, a metal bird hanging in the sky, surrounded by speckles of blue beneath a burning sun. If you love aviation and appreciate art, this is the book for you and even better you will be supporting a brilliant charity, SSAFA that both Jack and I care about as a fellow artists.

Sherin Aminossehe, Artist Architect

One aircraft

3 Artists!

Sherin Aminossehe: Sea King ASaC7
Sherin Aminossehe - Sea King
Jack Berry: Sea King HAR3
Sea King painted by Jack Berry
Spencer Trickett: Sea King HAR3
Sea King drawn by Spencer Trickett of Skytoons

Siân Dixon BA Hons, PGCE

Resident artist at South Wales Aviation Museum

Jack's book encompasses a stunning collection of facts, anecdotes, and beautifully painted illustrations.

It was lovely to be one of a few artists asked by Sara (Jack's mum) to advise on some of the materials and techniques which artists use. Through experimenting creatively Jack has developed his own unique style.

The paintings are a joy, I particularly like the F-16 painting, with the angular mark-making and the orange fiery glow of the afterburner, which contrasts nicely against a cool blue sky.

Congratulations and well-done Jack for all your hard work to create a fabulous book in support of the Armed Forces charity SSAFA.

Squadron Leader Stuart (Roxy) Roxburgh

Aircraft Commander & pilot on Crew 3 of CXX Squadron

Stuart Roxburgh

This is a fantastic book. Young Jack has problems communicating with other people; however, he loves drawing and painting; particularly aeroplanes. When Jack’s Mum asked if I would be willing to help by telling him a little bit about the aircraft that I used to fly, I was delighted to help. When Jack found out that some of my friends had died in Afghanistan when their aircraft crashed (and coinciding with the current support for the NHS), he asked if he could add some rainbows to his picture of my aeroplane - well, what could I say? It got a bit dusty where I was. Anyway, not only has this book helped Jack, the paintings are magic and it is providing some good for some charities. So, if you’ve got a spare ten quid burning a hole in your pocket, you should consider buying Jack’s book!


James Warden

BBMF Dakota Air Loadmaster

James Warden letter
A thank you gift from James Warden to Jack

5 Stars from the Royal Bear Force

Photo: eac photography
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