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Jack Berry, Artist Author

About Me

"My name is Jack Berry. I am now 14 years old and I love aeroplanes. I have had flight simulations in a Fighter Jet, Spitfire and a Boeing 737. I have loved drawing and painting my aeroplanes. I have made new friends from all over the world. I have been to museums and enjoy going round with all the people who took their time to explain things. And best of all, to go on some planes, even helicopters and practice being a pilot. My favourite plane is a Spitfire. I hope you like my book".

Jack Berry, aviation artist and author

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By Ailsa Snaith

Jack the seahorse loved to sleep

In bays of pearls and oceans deep

No sooner had the moon to rise

Then Jack would close his seahorse eyes

In the depths of dreamers’ land

His colours would be bright and bold

Bathed in calm and swathed in gems

Of brilliant azure, red and gold

Peace and light would show his path

Through glistening weeds of fire

Bravery and greatness glowed

To conquer fear and goals inspire


In dreams like this he had fine wings

To burst from sea to sky

The starfish squealed and the clams all clapped

At the seahorse who could fly


Jack woke up and looked around

His little tail was bent

The wings he’d had could not be found

He knew just what this meant


He rubbed his little seahorse tail

With magic, love and hope

He kept it in his bathroom

With his toothpaste and his soap

Next morning when he woke up

He gasped with great surprise

Not only was his tail not bent

It had grown to twice the size


The magic, love and hope had worked

This story must be spread

That what to do when you’re feeling blue

Is look inside your head


It’s filled with the ingredients

A stunning place to start

To heal the wounds and troubles

That exist within your heart


Jack swam off in the distant night

His faith restored once more

He swam towards a light so bright

It painted white the shore


Just within his reach there lay

Amongst some dirty things

A glorious pair of stunning jewelled

Red, gold and azure seahorse wings


I know you don’t believe me

But I’ll give you a tiny clue

That the secret to our daring dreams

Is that they sometimes do come true

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