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Clarty Commados forest school

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Jack gives Mark Tuff a copy of his book

Jack and I enjoyed a trip with his book to a forest camp. Some times we all need to spend time with people that understand our thoughts and emotions when dealing with autism spectrum disorder on a daily basis. Life can be hard with this condition but kindness can be found across any obstacles. So Lets fly high and create a blogging story of kindness.

The forest school is CC Outdoor adventure for ALL, otherwise known as the 'Clarty Commandos', is based in the grounds of Howick Hall, Alnwick, Northumberland. CC provides a safe environment in which to learn outdoor skills and activities.

Jack had a fun time digging and making friends with Morag the Labrador before relaxing with a good book - not his book Flying High In THe Sunlit Silence, as he had presented that to Mark Tuff, the founder of CC Outdoors adventure for ALL.


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