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Look at me!

The aviation art of
Jack Berry

ISBN 9781911255673

A book that has been part of our lockdown journey. We started this journey when my 13 year old son Jack Berry, was struggling with the current pandemic of Coronavirus. Jack, is autistic and has been selectively mute for over five and a half years now.

Rachel Hargreaves the head teacher of Barbara Priestman Academy stated in an interview for BBC Breakfast the following "Jack knows his own mind and that he is always, looking for ways that he can demonstrate that he cares".

The ethos of the book is that 'kindness finds its way across any obstacles'. Although Jack has profound learning disabilities, he has been able to fly high in his own sunlit silence.

Sara Berry

I'm Jack Berry!

76,000 Steps to raise £460

Jack's journey 

27-10-21: Jack is commissioned to paint a poster for the 2021 US F1 Grand Prix

19-09-21: Jack meets veteran WWII aircrew at Project Propeller 2021

15-09-21: Jack's aiming to walk 76,000 steps to raise funds for the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association - help him smash it!

11-09-21: Jack takes his first flight

25-08-21: "The day I got to fell like a Red Arrows pilot"

A new formation for the RAF Red Arrows 2021 display season - the 'Flying High In The Sunlit Silence' formation!

107.8 radio JACKIE

The Sound of SW London

Jackie Breakfast presenters Neil Long & Nicky Patrick

Rowland White Author

"We all needed a little good news to keep us going through a difficult year. And, throughout 2020, young Jack Berry's pictures of aeroplanes never failed to put a smile on my face. Heartfelt, imaginative, joyful and sometimes incredibly poignant, his art is a fitting tribute not just to the machines, but to the people that flew them. Jack's labour of love is a real testament to the human spirit"

Newark Air Museum


"I find it amazing that a 96 year old war veteran in South Wales and a mute autistic young man from Sunderland and his family can form such a close friendship across the miles and across the generations which serarate us.

In a period in our history when people are isolated by a pandemic  which divides and isolates - this book has reached out and linked our households in union. Proof indeed that kindness finds its way across any obstacle"

John Henry Meller, Warrant Officer (Ret) Bomber Command 1942-1950

Jack and John
Photo: Maxine Grundy

Magic, Love and Hope

By Ailsa Snaith

Jack the seahorse loved to sleep...

Jack's latest masterpiece!

Lando Norris McLaren F1 Team driver

Lando Norris

Another F1 subject from Jack, Team McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Lando is pictured waiting for the signal to...GO GO GO.

This is Jack's second painting of Lando, his first  depicted the 2020 McLaren MCL35 racing car and is included in Jack's book - Flying High In The Sunlit Silence. Lando wrote the caption that accompanies the painting and said the following:

"Thank you Jack, for this awesome drawing, and for featuring me in your book"

Jack Berry

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